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Librarian Lois
Masters of Library & Information Science candidate. Nerdfighter. Bibliophile. Artist. Whovian. Future teacher librarian. Information literacy superhero.


House of Ismay

House of Ismay offers since 2008 brooches using old book pages retrieved, cut and pasted in various forms, corresponding with the talent original books at the image of “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck.

❝I like that library books have secret lives. All those hands that have held them. All those eyes that have read them.❞


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That’s got to be the goal: to destroy less and create more. To increase awesome and decrease suck.

~ Hank Green



i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

im violently crying like literally every time i hear this i cant not sob


Greetings from the State of Washington

❝Or, to put it another way: ‘What can’t librarians do?’❞



What’s the verdict? Are you worth kidnapping?

Tee hee! “Welcome to our gang of rogues.”




"Don’t be Shy" 

I can literally almost hear his voice

This is sickening.

A critical component of breaking the cycle of violence in areas such as Atlantic City is providing youths with alternatives to the lure of drugs and gangs.

The Atlantic City Free Public Library - with offerings that go well beyond a library’s traditional services - is proving to be an important player in that effort.

5 Reasons Why You Need Take Your Kids To The Library>

❝Sexual harassment is an issue with any profession, and librarianship is no different. All of us – women, men, transgender, everyone – deserve to feel safe and secure in our places of work. These playful little comments alluding to our sexuality or what we do behind closed doors or what we wear when we’re not in the library? They can turn out to be not so playful. At the very least, they are awkward and uncomfortable. At their worst, they are dangerous. It’s harmless until it isn’t, and the line is just too easy to cross.❞